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With REST you'll be able to demonstrate expertise and knowledge to not only your client(s) but to the servicer as well.

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A network comprised of the best heads in the industry all working for YOU!

Predictable Results

The REST Report's proposed terms consistently mirror the actual modifications terms achieved.

More than just support...

Expert account reps Incredible members area Invaluable training videos Tools and support to assist you in detailed underwriting

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Learn all about the REST Report and how firms are using it to help borrowers understand their options. Find an authorized REST Licensee that can assist you.

Expert support

Get instant access to our seasoned professionals and multiple support options to choose from.

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Phone, chat, email, a knowledgebase, tutorials, and more to ensure you have the answers you need.

Faster turnaround

Why wait 6-12 months for a modification decision? Let us help you streamline your processes.

Happier clients

The REST Report allows your team to demonstrate expertise and knowledge to your clients and servicer.

Amazing resources

Gain access to training docs, tutorials, videos, Live support chat, a business resource kit and more.

Increased efficiency

Loss mitigation specialists & processors can leverage tools to assist in detailed underwriting and resolution workflows.

Cloud Based

The REST Platform is accessible from anywhere and can be integrated with other systems to streamline the process.

Beyond HAMP

The REST Report checks eligibility against all currently available programs, including HAFA, HARP and non-HAMP programs.

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REST Reports are being used Coast to coast

The REST Report has been used in all 50 states, by thousands of homeowners, lawyers and loan modification professionals.

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The REST Report works in all 50 states!

The REST ReportMaking a positive impact.

  • I ordered a REST report (case file 10160) and with the findings in a report we submitted a new application to Bank of America. 15 days later my client got approved for a DOJ mod. The payment that the report calculated was $781.53. The payment she got is $746.28!

    Alex Brito
    Briyah Consultants Inc.

  • As a busy bankruptcy law firm focusing on solutions for mortgage issues, we were well aware of the 2012 changes in the HAMP programs, as well as the implications of the National Mortgage Settlement. We were already faced with the challenges of providing accurate and critical data when facing opposing counsel in court, and the new programs only added layers of complexity.

    Law Offices of Thomas J. Minotti, NY

  • We are just loving the REST Report! We've had several approvals come back within 30 days of hitting U/W status and few files (previously declined) where the approval came back within 30 days of resubmitting the whole file! Can't say enough great things about the report. I even got an approval on an FHA file where the home owner was 20 months past due. Thank you for making this invaluable resource available to us.

    Ariella Giusani
    Tidewater Financial Solutions LLC

  • After two years of attempts, a twelve month trial payment period, three foreclosure postponements, escalations to the executive level, an ultimate loan mod denial based on negative NPV results (claimed by the lender) and on the eve of full blown litigation; the REST Report was put to the test and passed with flying colors... I received an approval in less than 4 business days!!!

    Jeff Burch
    Director of Loss Mitigation - Virginia Law, PLC

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Latest News & Updates

REST Connect

June 2013

Qualifying REST Report licensees can maximize their effectiveness by utilizing the REST CONNECT network. Extend your assistance to troubled homeowners through a growing array of multi-state services: stop sales, foreclosure defense, modification assistance, short sales, etc.

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Get a branded landing page

November 26, 2012

We're happy to announce the launch of our branded landing page program. For use with clients that qualify for the program, you will now have the option to direct your web traffic to a professionally designed, fully compliant webpage that will convert visitors into leads.

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As the only Premier Support Entity, offers training, support and consulting to professionals using the REST Report. Shorten your turn times, clearly understand all of the options available for your client and demonstrate expert knowledge and expertise to your clients with us supporting you along the way.

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