The REST Report...

Unlike anything else in the industry

Whether it’s the government’s complicated HAMP and HAFA models or an institution’s proprietary set of NPV calculations, assumptions or lookup tables, the REST Report easily handles them all.

What is the REST Report?

The REST Report is an impartial analytic tool. It derives and presents multiple loan modification terms, affordable to the borrower while still providing the lender with the highest possible return on their investment. It proposes the best win-win loan disposition options given the existing loan terms and the borrower's current financial situation.

If a loan modification is unlikely, the REST Report will let you know. Perhaps a Short Sale is a better option. If the bank's only viable choice IS to foreclose, the REST Report can show this early on and give everyone some insight as to what might need to change to avoid the foreclosure.

The REST system and reports can be tailored to include any government or proprietary loan disposition models and calculations. (High volume institutions please contact us for more information).

Who is the REST Report for?

The REST Report is intended to be a decision support tool for firms assisting home owners. This includes entities processing loan modifications, short sales or other loan workout solutions.

Loss mitigation specialists & processors

The REST Report is guaranteed to make your job easier!

  • Instantly know what options might be available for your clients
  • Understand how the banks/servicers evaluate(d) the borrower's current situation
  • Leverage tools to assist in detailed underwriting and resolution workflow
  • Expedite denial resolutions with best-practice tips and tools
  • Demonstrate expertise and knowledge to your clients (and to the servicer)

Streamline your analysis, processing and submission times

Loss mitigation office and branch managers

Increased efficiency equals a better bottom line.

  • Expedite initial evaluation process (deciding to offer assistance or pass on the deal)
  • Consistent analysis/findings across all personnel
  • Allow your team to demonstrate expertise and knowledge to your clients (and to the servicer)
  • Provide additional value to your clients
  • Increase your profit as a result of expedited turnaround times on files
  • Generate more word of mouth referrals


Custom solutions designed for your organization.

Real Estate Services and Technology (REST) can assist your firm in crafting a solution that will help your organization's personnel make more intelligent decisions, every time, according to the analytical models YOU wish to have implemented.

Whether it's the Treasury Department's complicated HAMP NPV calculations or your firm's own proprietary valuation models, REST can easily implement your desired models into a custom, comprehensive solution that analyzes the data and presents the appropriate results - for individual loans or thousands of loans at a time.

Contact us today to find out more! A REST Solution Specialist will design a custom report, integrated solution or turnkey system tailored for your organization.

REST has helped:

  • Hedge funds determine the best price to offer for large pools of distressed assets
  • Investors determine the break-even prices for foreclosure or short sale options
  • Asset Managers to chart the optimal course of action to take on their delinquent loans
  • Attorney firms analyze and stratify a servicer's portfolio of loans for various mismanagement and fraud characteristics
  • Banks augment their own internal systems with more powerful decision-support tools

Home owners in need of a loan modification

The REST Report removes the uncertainty of the modification process.

The REST Report, itself, does not guarantee a loan modification. The complete loan modification package one submits, who does the submission and how that is performed are all very critical to achieving a successful outcome.

  • Proven to have helped thousands of home owners (view testimonials)
  • A very effective tool for initial modification submissions and re-evaluations
  • The Report's proposed terms consistently mirror actual modification terms achieved
  • Many institutions are now adopting it as the standard for helping home owners
  • Recognized by banks, servicers and judges as accurate, reliable and applicable
  • Provides unparalleled levels of authority/insight into loan disposition options

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