The REST Report...

Unlike anything else in the industry

Whether it’s the government’s complicated HAMP and HAFA models or an institution’s proprietary set of NPV calculations, assumptions or lookup tables, the REST Report easily handles them all.

The Official REST Report

We are a REST Report Premier Support EntityAs the only Premier Support Entity, REST Report offers training, support and consulting to professionals using the REST Report. Shorten your turn times, clearly understand all of the options available for your client and demonstrate expert knowledge and expertise to your clients with us supporting you along the way.

REST Report works with over 1000 companies that offer loss mitigation services.

This includes law firms, non-profit organizations and other compliant, 3rd party companies. For last 3 years the REST Report has been used (and recently updated to the NPV 5.0 model) by homeowners and loss mitigation professionals to achieve an approval for loan modifications. The REST Report currently supports HAMP Tier 1 and HAMP Tier 2 programs as well as Jumbo and traditional loan workout products (typically referred to as in-house programs.)

What’s included with becoming a REST Licensee?

If you are a business or organization that offers loan modification or related services and are operating in compliance with federal and state rules and regulations, becoming an authorized REST Licensee is easier than you might think.

  • A REST Business Resource Kit which has many key tips, tricks, scripts and marketing material
  • Training for your staff on sales aspect as well as best business practices for modifications & processing
  • Pre submission review for those tough or complicated files
  • Landing page showing you are a licensee as well as a video: Understanding Your REST Report

Benefits of using REST in your process

In addition to being able to demonstrate expertise and knowledge to your clients as well as the servicer you also can expect:

  • Extra revenue
  • Tangible item to present to your customers
  • Faster turn times
  • Control of your process and lifecycle
  • MARS compliant product
  • Accurate depiction of property value
  • Established, advertised retail cost of $795 across the industry and web
  • Streamline submissions with several servicers
  • Large licensee discount (call for volume pricing)
  • Show your client what modification or short sale they qualify for, and if they don't qualify it's going to tell you/them why. Allowing you to possibly fix the situation before ever having sent anything into the bank.

Members-only Support Center

An industry first, support solution, for the Loan Modification industry.

Because of our extensive experience in this industry, we find ourselves in a unique position to offer various types of assistance to REST Licensees. We provide live help desk support, pre-submission modification package review, helpful video tutorials that provide Business Best Practices as well as Tips and Techniques when helping troubled home owners.

Members-only Support Center

We have built a website specifically for authorized REST Licensees that contains numerous exclusive resources that are not publicly available. From videos and tutorials on how to use the REST Report, submission tips, managing servicer relations and more to invaluable resources and download. We built it from experience and whether you're a seasoned professional in the industry or just starting out, it gives you the tools for success.

The REST Report Members Area

How to's & tutorials

Easy to follow guides and step-by-step tutorials help you get up to speed with REST quickly, so you can focus on what you do best- servicing your clients and generating profits.

Business resource kit

The phrase, "Business Resource Kit" is an understatement. Everything you need to know about running a highly profitable, 100% MARS compliant business is covered in the official REST Licensee Resource Kit.

Home value lookup tool

In all facets of homeowner assistance, pre-screening potential clients is essential to your success. Quick access to home value lookup tools make it easy to focus your efforts on homeowners you can truly help, and operate more profitably in doing so.

Marketing materials

Proven creative materials you can use to capture the attention of homeowners and consistently convert leads into sales.


Download timesaving forms, highly effective sales scripts, and turnkey marketing creative to increase your income, without increasing overhead.

Industry news

In an ever-changing industry, it’s critical to be ahead of the curve. The REST Support Center is your “go-to” source for important industry news, updates, and trends that will directly impact your bottom line.

Custom training solutions

Whether you are just starting out or a veteran loan modification processing center, we have training programs that will increase your bottom line.

Training services for loan modification companies.

Our training programs are developed by industry experts with years of experience in the real estate and loan modification industries. Get the correct processes in place, shorten your current file turnaround time, convert more sales and much more.

Solutions are available for compliancy training, sales floor training and best practices, loan modification processing, lead generation and more.

Interested in learning more about training? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

Marketing support

Marketing in this industry, especially in the new age of the internet, has become more complicated than ever.

Landing pages, email templates and more are available for free to members

Businesses in the loan workout industry have quite a battle when it comes to marketing their products and/or services. First, with the MARS ruling and related state and federal laws and guidelines, compliance has become one of the most important things to understand. This does not just apply to how a business packages it's products and/or services, but also and in many cases even more importantly how a company markets itself.

Website landing pages, email templates, sales scripts and more are available at no additional charge.

Beyond compliance is the ever complicated world of online marketing and the demand on creative materials that ensure that your audience will not only see your campaign as intended but also do a good job at capturing attention and getting visitors converted into leads/sales.

For these reasons, we decided to put together a collection of ready-to-use, professionally designed and developed marketing materials and templates that are compliant, work across all devices (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.) and most importantly, will help your campaigns attain success.

Responsive, MARS compliant, templates available All templates are MARS compliant and mobile friendly.

File review & submission support

Another industry first offering support services for the submission and follow-up process

The REST Report Denial Desk

Received a denial on a file while using the REST Report?

If you have received a denial on a file that was submitted after running a REST Report that showed it passing, we can help. As we all know, if the REST Report shows that a homeowner passes for a loan modification, they pass. Unfortunately, everyone in the industry is aware that mistakes are very common with the servicer regarding income or other parameters, which is usually why a file gets denied.

Let us assist you in finding out exactly where the mistake(s) are being made and getting your file back on track. In most cases, this turns out to be a great way for processors to learn about the common mistakes and how to address them in the future.

Pre-submission review

A no-charge service offered by REST Report

While running the REST Report is a crucial step in the loan modification process, the assembly of the submission package can be just as important. Improperly assembled packages can lead to mistakes made by the servicer from improperly entered inputs and/or calculations (i.e. income, employment, etc.) ultimately resulting in an incorrect denial of the application. Avoid this by using our Pre-submission Review Service.

Learn more about this program inside the Members Area.

REST Connect

A network comprised of the best heads in the industry all working for YOU!

An easy way to expand your business

How would you like to offer all of the services that your competitors offers without the risk, liability or overhead that they incur? With the REST Connect platform, now you can.

Learn more

Introducing REST Connect

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