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As a busy bankruptcy law firm focusing on solutions for mortgage issues, we were well aware of the 2012 changes in the HAMP programs, as well as the implications of the National Mortgage Settlement. We were already faced with the challenges of providing accurate and critical data when facing opposing counsel in court, and the new programs only added layers of complexity. The REST report does far more than cut through the complexities of the new programs , but it also gives us all of the compelling data points we now use when arguing our cases before the court. Mortgage servicers will almost always default to denying modifications whenever they can, and the REST report allows us to corner them on their denials and force them into better negotiating positions.

Law Offices of Thomas J. Minotti, NY

I ordered a REST report (case file 10160) and with the findings in a report we submitted a new application to Bank of America. 15 days later my client got approved for a DOJ mod. The payment that the report calculated was $781.53. The payment she got is $746.28!

Alex Brito Briyah Consultants Inc.

We are just loving the REST Report! We've had several approvals come back within 30 days of hitting U/W status and few files (previously declined) where the approval came back within 30 days of resubmitting the whole file! Can't say enough great things about the report. I even got an approval on an FHA file where the home owner was 20 months past due. Thank you for making this invaluable resource available to us.

Ariella Giusani Tidewater Financial Solutions LLC

After two years of attempts, a twelve month trial payment period, three foreclosure postponements, escalations to the executive level, an ultimate loan mod denial based on negative NPV results (claimed by the lender) and on the eve of full blown litigation; the REST Report was put to the test and passed with flying colors... I received an approval in less than 4 business days!!! The REST Report is the virtual hammer of the Gods. My clients and I thank you for providing humanity with such a tool.

Jeff Burch Director of Loss Mitigation - Virginia Law, PLC

I wanted to thank you for all the time and attention that you’ve given me over the last week or so. Not only helping with learning how to run and use the REST report but connecting me with several key lenders. Since I started working with the REST report, I’ve found that going back to my existing clients who are in process (and have been for many, many months) are the best prospects. Since some of my profit is derived when a mod is completed, I offer to take the cost of the REST report off the final payment. I’ve told them that it’s valuable to getting the mod expedited but more valuable if it get’s denied. It’s been low hanging fruit for me and helps my cash flow immeasurably.

Your follow up has been quick, professional and very efficient. I believe that the REST report will be a game changer for me and my business. I’ve been doing mods for more than 4 years and have started several companies including law firms, so I’ve see thousands of loan mods and realize what an excellent tool this can be if used correctly.

Thanks again, I couldn’t ask for more from a vendor.

Joe Conrad

I would like to comment on how effective the REST Report has been and the impact it has had our firm. Like every firm in this business, we have an issue with credibility due to non-credible businesses. We have offered REST to clients that would not spend the money for our full service modification. Once REST was given and reviewed with the client, they ended up retaining. that would not retain us for full service modifications, we have given them the option of purchasing REST. Once the client was given the report and our staff reviewed it with the client, we obtained clients for full service due to the credibility it built with the client. It has definitely increased the amount of clients we have retained.

Sean BatchelerFJ Law Group

Words cannot even begin to describe the extreme gratitude I feel for your immeasurable help in dealing with my situation.
As you know, I was dealing with a foreclosure sale date, and having had to endure eight months of misinformation, incompetence, deceit, non-cooperation, and indifference, from Bank of America I didn't know where to turn to.

In desperation I saw one of the ads for Amfam on the Web. Wondering if I could be help I tried, but was not that hopeful. What a pleasant surprise. From the beginning you listened, created a plan of action and took on the bank. In three weeks or so we ordered the REST report, filed it with the bank, dealt with multiple evasive people at the bank, and I now have my loan modification.

I commend Amfam as an organization, and you personally for the great work you do. If most people experience is the same as mine you are truly a godsend to thousands of home owners who are facing these difficulties. Once again, thank you. Sincerely, L.L.

Best regards,

Scott AbadjianAmFam National Urban Outreach

The REST Report is the MUST have tool in your arsenal to Save Your Home! The above and beyond support I get from the is unmatched.

I highly recommend using the REST report for the highest chance of success. Why wonder if your numbers qualify for a loan modification, when you can finally REST assured!

Anna CuevasConsumer Advocate
#1 Bestselling author of "Save Your Home" featured blogger for The Huffington Post

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